The Dramatic Death Of An Ohio Homosexual Teen

On December 28th, 2014 17-year-old Leelah Alcorn willingly walked in front of and got crushed by a truck on an Interstate highway. Before committing this act of suicide, she posted on her Tumblr page her thoughts and feelings of how her parents’ negative reaction when she told them about her Homosexuality. Reactions from the post were spread nationwide. Comments of this subject consisted of hatred towards the parents, hatred towards religion, and that we should do better.

According to Leelah’s last post, until she was 14, she was confused about her gender, she felt like “a girl trapped in a boy’s body”. When she discovered her homosexuality, she told her parents, who were devout Christians, and they responded negatively.                                                                                                                                                                                       ” ‘telling me that it was a phase, that I would never truly be a girl, that God doesn’t make mistakes, that I am wrong.’ ” So to try to “fix” her, her parents took her to Christian therapists who weren’t very good at their job and told her “she was ” ‘selfish and wrong and that I should look to God for help.’ ” Loving parents, huh? It gets better, because at the age of sixteen when she decided to announce herself as gay, her parents disconnected her from public school and the internet for 5 months!

Back on the internet, Leelah discovered ” ‘her friends “didn’t actually give a shit about me” and “only liked me because they saw me five times a week.’ ” This was probably the point in which she decided suicide was the only answer.

Because of her non-supporting parents, demeaning Christian therapists, no real friends, and extreme self doubt, Leelah Alcorn committed suicide. Now that it’s too late to save her, what have we learned? We should treat homosexuals better, Christianity needs to be more generous, fire all Christian therapists, and always keep at a reasonable speed on interstates.



My Top 4 favorite TV Shows

One day I was bored and then decided, “Hey, how about I blog?”. But what should I blog about? I know! My favorite TV shows! So, before I begin, I just want to let the readers know that I watch these shows on Netflix, so I don’t know very many on Fox, ABC, etc. Now, lets Begin!!!

1) Doctor Who

For those who don’t know or are new to the series, Doctor Who is a British science-fiction TV series on BBC dating back to 1963. The series is about a The Doctor, who is the last of an alien race called the Time lords. With his bigger on the inside time-traveling Police Box called that T.A.R.D.I.S (Time And Relevant Dimensions In Space),he travels through time and space with quite a few chicks. Fighting enemies new and old, this 2,000 year-old Bloke creates fans all over the world, while trying to find Gallifrey (which he with his other 11 reincarnations trapped in a different dimensional universe in the Last Day of The Last Great Time War, Day of The Doctor) and avoid answering the oldest question in the universe, the question that must never be answered, etc……Doctor Who?

2) Arrow 

The TV series Arrow is a series based off the DC comic The Green Arrow, about a traumatized man returning to Starling City after being found on a island near China. In the Episodes, there are flash backs of the Arrow’s experiences on the island. While in the present he puts on his green hood and battles villains, uncovering conspiracies and protecting his city.

3) Black Adder

The show is about the line of Black Adders ( and Baldricks), each of which are shown serving a few of history’s most foolish Monarchs of England.  Filled with humorous and plots, I literally split my insides while laughing, up until I had to be stitched back together. Recommended to families recovering from Barbie, seeing the power Ranger at Walmart, and pure boredom.

4) Heroes

This show is about certain people discovering their powers and slowly coming together to stop NYC from going nuclear. It all starts with a man who can paint the future. When he discovers his father’s taxi “accident”, he gets dragged into a conspiracy centered around his father’s supernatural fantasies. Gruesome yet engaging, this series is recommended for fans of X-Men, Avengers, etc.

Elephants in the House!

In the aftermath of the House elections, the Republicans got the the most seats in the House. Enough to hold an advantage over their rivals, the Democrats. The impact of this will undoubtedly on Fox News mean a Huge Victory (because in a sense it it, but also you can just see it in those guys to make such a deal about it).  The big question for me though, is how the majority of Republicans in the House (not to mention Congress) will affect the governing of this country. We know that many of them hate Obama, so we know that one of their first moves will be to make things harder for him. Another thing that they might do is increase support for the Iraqi War by increasing funds, shipments of weapons, and maybe even insist that US troops be shipped over to Iraq. Or perhaps, they’ll surprise us, by acting on and/or addressing issues that are considered less expected of them. Honestly, I don’t know.

The day after the elections, Obama addressed in front of the press that he wants Democrats to work with Republicans on settling upon a agreeing upon some issues, like the Immigration laws. How I feel about this situation is nervous and a bit anxious. I believe that it will get harder to invent and improve ways of making clean energy since Republicans are all about oil. Not to mention thy might slow down things for Obama, creating a governmental crisis. They freak’in shut down the government for a week or so! Why do we still elect these guys?!!

Many believe that this event will increase the chances of Republicans winning the 2016 election. I believe that it may for the short term. But for the long term, I think it really counts on what these guys plan to do with their high positions, and how popular they will be. I will be curious, though, on how the Democrats plan to build up on their position after their tumbling downfall. There’s some speculation that not many women voted for Democrats because they saw his earlier promises on women’s rights empty. And finally, in the Mid-term elections there’s supposedly a third of the population total who didn’t vote. For those who are reading, do you thing that third of the population would have tipped the balance into the Democrats favor?

The Drone War

In 2014 (mid-June) the US started a war with a rapidly rising group of terrorists spread from Iraq to northern Syria, called ISIS. ISIS was a group that easily got control over a vast majority of Iraq while the government became unstable during the Sunni revolt. This gave Barack Obama an excuse to start war that will make America’s role rise in the known world. Obama already had 50,000 soldiers in Iraq, which he used to train Iraqi militants. Then he sent tens of thousands of drones into Iraq, setting off repeated drone strikes. Thus started The Drone War (or Iraqi war, what ever suits you)!!!

There’s been a lot of debate over whether we should have went to war in the first place. The anti-war protesters believe that the war against ISIS has stirred up more american haters in the middle-east, and might even unite ISIS with some smaller groups in the middle-east or northern Africa. Followers of the war say that the terrorists must be fought and stopped so as to stop them from invading the whole of the middle-east and beyond. I for one am mostly neutral when it come to the debate. I see both sides as right, but due to the recent event of Britain, France, Turkey, and Australia giving military aid, I think that its honestly too late for us to call off this war, not to mention the city of Kobani being under siege by ISIS forces, and the fact that ISIS is made up of terrorists.

President Barack Obama certainly feels confident about the war’s outcome, believing that only time stands between now and our victory. I’m not really conclusive about the outcomes of The Drone War. New enemies may come and join in the war, so many that world leaders give up under stress. But it can also end like this: surrounding the ISIS territories with fully trained Syrian and Iraqi forces, drones, Turkish forces, and those 50,000 US soldiers forced the enemy back into Iraq, then eventually to one city or village, where the terrorists were finally slaughtered, arrested, then executed.

In reality, I don’t know. But If we can find a foothold in Syria and push ISIS back, then maybe this war can end sooner. Long live America, let our awesomeness ring!!

The Danielsville School District: A “Monumental” Issue

     In Danielsville, Georgia, a football monument that had Bible verses on it was given to the public school by a private group. After it was put in front of the school entrance, there were complaints from two Atheist groups as well as some of the Madison County School Board that it was offending to them, it went against the Separation of Church and State, and that they will go to court about it if the school didn’t remove the monument. The school obeyed and the monument was taken away. This action triggered a lot of complaints from the residents of the county.

     Might I say that the Christians deserved what they got. Even though it’s a public school, they had prayers and baptizing on the football fields. Georgia may claim to be a religious state but that shouldn’t give it an excuse to not follow the state and church separation. The separation isn’t something created to strangle religion. It’s meant to make calm atmospheres where people of other religion or no religion at all can feel more comfortable in the school environment.

     The first amendment states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” which is explained to mean that the purpose of the amendment is that “it forbids…promoting one religion over others . The school district failed to address this and it is because of their ignorance that we got in this mess in the first place.

     It is not a crime for people (and yes when I say “people” I mean living, breathing humans who walk among us) to stand up for their beliefs. They went forward and announced to the school board that they won’t accept Bible verses to represent themselves ,and that school( or Church as it turns out, since they baptize and pray out loud in that school as well) should be more considerate and not assume that everyone agrees with something because of the majority. You guys make such a fuss because you didn’t get your way, which I find disturbing.

     Another thing I find disturbing is that a guy who posted a comment on a site concerning the debate (Christopher Allen). Below is one of the comments he posted.

I, for one, am sick and tired of what these, so called, humans are doing, and it is way past time that our spineless governments, and “bodies”, stood up and say STOP; they are preying on OUR basic rights, more than we are theirs! I will be so glad when JESUS comes back and put’s a stop to all the madness that is going on in the world!
I can easily say to these people; go to hell, because that is where they are going! Then we will see how much they enjoy their freedom from religion! Why can’t we be free from their “religion”?

     In response to this statement, I say that you Christopher, are a cold person who probably has never met an atheist, and learned all about them on Fox News and other unreliable sources. According to the comments, you want us all to burn to death, to scare us into going into your religion. You say that its a choice whether we follow a guy who successfully got staked, or go burn in Hell and have everyone spit on your grave ’cause it doesn’t have a cross on it!

     FYI, “free from their ‘religion'”??? One, we don’t have a religion, idiot. But there are some groups called Unitarians and Humanists who share some traits with Christianity, to be kind, generous, and acceptable–wait- forget I said acceptable. Apparently that’s a trait that Unitarians only have. Two, you are free to practice your religion. I don’t get the “free from” concept. There are still Christian churches around, as well as crosses all around the place. I swear I would be a millionaire if I got a dollar for every cross I saw.

     Getting all that out, the point I’m trying to make is that I have relatives that are Christians, and they love me as I love them. So I say get over that crap about damnation, people! This has everything to do with accepting beliefs. People for some reason aren’t accepting the atheist’s belief that goes against their own belief. In other words its like this picture here…


   Now I agree that there are some non-believers out there who are psychos. But there are some who are all right with Christianity, but will speak out against those who oppress their belief. Some atheists are part of the government and are great people (for example, Pete Stark). People are allowed to follow their religion, but public school is different. Public schools are for people of all races and beliefs. To put a monument in front of the school is to say that you don’t care for the people who may have a different opinion.

     I personally think that the students there who encourage this kind of behavior should go to a Catholic school, where they can express their beliefs freely without any aggression. We atheists are not fighting your religious rights, but are standing up for The Separation of Church and State as well as people of different religions.

     Until the next time someone wants to call me a witch or pagan, this is what I have to say, thank you!