The Drone War

In 2014 (mid-June) the US started a war with a rapidly rising group of terrorists spread from Iraq to northern Syria, called ISIS. ISIS was a group that easily got control over a vast majority of Iraq while the government became unstable during the Sunni revolt. This gave Barack Obama an excuse to start war that will make America’s role rise in the known world. Obama already had 50,000 soldiers in Iraq, which he used to train Iraqi militants. Then he sent tens of thousands of drones into Iraq, setting off repeated drone strikes. Thus started The Drone War (or Iraqi war, what ever suits you)!!!

There’s been a lot of debate over whether we should have went to war in the first place. The anti-war protesters believe that the war against ISIS has stirred up more american haters in the middle-east, and might even unite ISIS with some smaller groups in the middle-east or northern Africa. Followers of the war say that the terrorists must be fought and stopped so as to stop them from invading the whole of the middle-east and beyond. I for one am mostly neutral when it come to the debate. I see both sides as right, but due to the recent event of Britain, France, Turkey, and Australia giving military aid, I think that its honestly too late for us to call off this war, not to mention the city of Kobani being under siege by ISIS forces, and the fact that ISIS is made up of terrorists.

President Barack Obama certainly feels confident about the war’s outcome, believing that only time stands between now and our victory. I’m not really conclusive about the outcomes of The Drone War. New enemies may come and join in the war, so many that world leaders give up under stress. But it can also end like this: surrounding the ISIS territories with fully trained Syrian and Iraqi forces, drones, Turkish forces, and those 50,000 US soldiers forced the enemy back into Iraq, then eventually to one city or village, where the terrorists were finally slaughtered, arrested, then executed.

In reality, I don’t know. But If we can find a foothold in Syria and push ISIS back, then maybe this war can end sooner. Long live America, let our awesomeness ring!!


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