Elephants in the House!

In the aftermath of the House elections, the Republicans got the the most seats in the House. Enough to hold an advantage over their rivals, the Democrats. The impact of this will undoubtedly on Fox News mean a Huge Victory (because in a sense it it, but also you can just see it in those guys to make such a deal about it).  The big question for me though, is how the majority of Republicans in the House (not to mention Congress) will affect the governing of this country. We know that many of them hate Obama, so we know that one of their first moves will be to make things harder for him. Another thing that they might do is increase support for the Iraqi War by increasing funds, shipments of weapons, and maybe even insist that US troops be shipped over to Iraq. Or perhaps, they’ll surprise us, by acting on and/or addressing issues that are considered less expected of them. Honestly, I don’t know.

The day after the elections, Obama addressed in front of the press that he wants Democrats to work with Republicans on settling upon a agreeing upon some issues, like the Immigration laws. How I feel about this situation is nervous and a bit anxious. I believe that it will get harder to invent and improve ways of making clean energy since Republicans are all about oil. Not to mention thy might slow down things for Obama, creating a governmental crisis. They freak’in shut down the government for a week or so! Why do we still elect these guys?!!

Many believe that this event will increase the chances of Republicans winning the 2016 election. I believe that it may for the short term. But for the long term, I think it really counts on what these guys plan to do with their high positions, and how popular they will be. I will be curious, though, on how the Democrats plan to build up on their position after their tumbling downfall. There’s some speculation that not many women voted for Democrats because they saw his earlier promises on women’s rights empty. And finally, in the Mid-term elections there’s supposedly a third of the population total who didn’t vote. For those who are reading, do you thing that third of the population would have tipped the balance into the Democrats favor?


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