My Top 4 favorite TV Shows

One day I was bored and then decided, “Hey, how about I blog?”. But what should I blog about? I know! My favorite TV shows! So, before I begin, I just want to let the readers know that I watch these shows on Netflix, so I don’t know very many on Fox, ABC, etc. Now, lets Begin!!!

1) Doctor Who

For those who don’t know or are new to the series, Doctor Who is a British science-fiction TV series on BBC dating back to 1963. The series is about a The Doctor, who is the last of an alien race called the Time lords. With his bigger on the inside time-traveling Police Box called that T.A.R.D.I.S (Time And Relevant Dimensions In Space),he travels through time and space with quite a few chicks. Fighting enemies new and old, this 2,000 year-old Bloke creates fans all over the world, while trying to find Gallifrey (which he with his other 11 reincarnations trapped in a different dimensional universe in the Last Day of The Last Great Time War, Day of The Doctor) and avoid answering the oldest question in the universe, the question that must never be answered, etc……Doctor Who?

2) Arrow 

The TV series Arrow is a series based off the DC comic The Green Arrow, about a traumatized man returning to Starling City after being found on a island near China. In the Episodes, there are flash backs of the Arrow’s experiences on the island. While in the present he puts on his green hood and battles villains, uncovering conspiracies and protecting his city.

3) Black Adder

The show is about the line of Black Adders ( and Baldricks), each of which are shown serving a few of history’s most foolish Monarchs of England.  Filled with humorous and plots, I literally split my insides while laughing, up until I had to be stitched back together. Recommended to families recovering from Barbie, seeing the power Ranger at Walmart, and pure boredom.

4) Heroes

This show is about certain people discovering their powers and slowly coming together to stop NYC from going nuclear. It all starts with a man who can paint the future. When he discovers his father’s taxi “accident”, he gets dragged into a conspiracy centered around his father’s supernatural fantasies. Gruesome yet engaging, this series is recommended for fans of X-Men, Avengers, etc.


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